Foreman Sales & Service can lease you a bus fleet or just a single bus.  We offer many different plans for leasing our buses and are more than willing to work out a deal that is right for you.  Leasing is a process for you to get a safe and cost effective bus or bus fleet.  Ask about our lease to own program.

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Foreman Sales & Service contracts with eight different school districts across the state of South Dakota.  
There are many benefits in contracting your school's bus fleet.  Below are some of the benefits that we will
provide to you if you contract with our company:

Save money! You will no longer have to pay for:
  • Tire changes
  • Oil changes
  • Fuel
  • Driver wages
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance

Worry and stress-free - our drivers are randomly tested for drugs and alcohol and our buses meet state and federal requirements.

When contracting with Foreman Sales & Service, you will be provided with a stress and worry-free way to safely and reliably get your students to and from school, along with extra curricular activities.  We as contractors have experience in planning, scheduling and routing that will help save you money. We will take care of all the paperwork, regular maintenance, driver wages and all other expenses that come with school bus repairs.  We also have charter buses for school activities and sporting events to go along with our yellow bus fleets.